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Aircraft engines

Until recently, I’d never understood the distinctions between the various types of aircraft engines, and how they all worked. So I decided to write a guide to both common aircraft engines and niche, wildly-impractical engines.

Nearly all aircraft engines have a common input and output. They use petroleum-based fuel, which is a wonderfully compact source of chemical energy. They produce thrust. The only difference is in the conversion from fuel to forward motion.

Piston engines

A simple and popular propulsion system is the piston engine attached to a propeller. This is the setup used by the Wright brothers on their first flight at Kitty Hawk, and it’s still used in the Cessna 172, the most widely-flown airplane today.

Pistons are neat devices. Fuel is burned and pushes down a piston. The downward motion is converted into rotation with a crankshaft, exactly the same way as when you...

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Permanent World Encyclopaedia

The phrase “Permanent World Encyclopaedia” conveys the gist of these ideas. As the core of such an institution would be a world synthesis of bibliography and documentation with the indexed archives of the world. A great number of workers would be engaged perpetually in perfecting this index of human knowledge and keeping it up to date. Concurrently, the resources of micro-photography, as yet only in their infancy, will be creating a concentrated visual record.

H. G. Wells outlines how technology will make the widespread distribution of all human knowledge possible. This technology is the microfilm.

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